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Totally agree about people saying "Happy Memorial Day." Not a happy day...many made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their life...not a happy day. Heard a widow say, "That her Army husband died in combat, but at least he died happy." I have never forgotten those words nor gotten over the shock of hearing them."

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Hey i bumped into this blog somehow. My name is Ida and my husbands name is Stefan. he is currently stations in Kuwait for the next 7 months or so. We just got happily married in May and it was the happiest time of my life. we are like buddies that is the kind of relationship we have with each other. When he first told me that he was getting deployed i thought well i guess it wont be too bad because i am currently a nursing student and school work is ALOT. when he left in October just five months after we got married i thought i was going to die. i was soo sad and emotional. i cried all day for the days that followed and school showed no mercy for me either. i didnt even get a chance to spend time with him and it tore my heart apart. when he got a pass right before getting shipped out i was soooo glad but it wasnt enough :( i used to have a best friend but we kind of drifted apart and i really dont have close friends. its 3.16 am and i cant sleep and if you asked me why i wouldnt be able to you why. i never imagined in a million years this is how it feels to be a millitary wife. we just had the roughest schooling i have ever had in my entire life and winter break started on monday. but i am ready to go back to school because i am just sooo lonely it hurts :'( . i am originally from Kenya so i dont have any family here i have my husbands family and they are wonderful but it isnt quite the same. i wanted to talk and read from people in the same boat i am in. i was thinking of having a blog until i found this and it just feels good to read from other wifes.

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